Towards Halcyon

by brokenkites

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Narration by Chip Wood, written by James B Willard, and composed by Brokenkites.

London, personal journal, entry 36860, April 11.

Throughout history, many of the most critical innovations, salvations, and revolutions were sparked by heroes largely unremembered. Though I'm aware that I've already made a mark on the pages of our future histories, I feel that, regardless, it is not enough, and that more should be done to stop this war, to bring the perspective of my fellow man into a more manageable alignment. We should focus on this future that all too many of us fear; not only that, we should take flight towards it, arms open, embracing the inevitable.

How far away is tomorrow, really? Why do we struggle to resist our own inevitability? Why fight at all? If they are our children, even if they've come back to destroy us, should we not open the door for them and welcome them with their anger and their fires? What have we done that we've yet to consider that has provoked such a fury? We don't consider these things. We fight, they perish, we perish. It continues.

Today the Toronto labs initialized their first fully documented and successful test of the Halcyon Gate. It seems our latest potential recruit, a young boy named Peyton Vance, has an innate understanding of how the device should work, thereby lending further support to my hypothesis that the Gate will not operate without a gifted individual hardwired into the NORN.

Vance, along with a series of four others, managed to shift a probe with a mass of one kilogram from the Gate bed to a nearby vacant office. The maximum negative temporal shift falls at almost an hour, since that is the last time that someone was in the landing room. Unfortunately, the tracking systems that were installed on the probe were completely fused, as if exposed to high levels of thermal and electromagnetic radiation. Success, though, at the very least.

Further tests will be required at other locations. Transportation arrangements are being made for the boy. He will be relocated along with critical hardware required for our NORN. It is my hope that we will be able to duplicate these results, perhaps with improvements, within the week. It would be premature to attempt to activate the link with the prototype receiver that I left behind in Siberia, some six months ago, though I'd by lying if I were to say that I am not ready to activate the test series even now.


released November 5, 2011

Narration by Chip Wood, written by James B Willard, and composed by Brokenkites.




brokenkites Antarctica

Brokenkites writes thematic electronic soundtracks for the movie that you're living. It's music for time travelers, spacepersons, and rogue secret agents. Brokenkites is currently stationed in Antarctica and is documenting the secret development of a transdimensional gateway device. ... more

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